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Gulf Coast Community Design Studio

From the organization:

The Gulf Coast Community Design Studio (GCCDS) is a professional service and outreach program of Mississippi State University’s College of Architecture, Art + Design. GCCDS was established in Biloxi, Mississippi in response to Hurricane Katrina to provide architectural design services, landscape and planning assistance, educational opportunities and research to organizations and communities along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. GCCDS works through close, pragmatic partnerships with local organizations and communities in and beyond the three Mississippi’s coastal counties, putting professional expertise to work in order to shape vibrant and resilient Gulf Coast communities.

The Stories

David Perkes, of the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio, discusses his organization's role in post-Katrina recovery.

A better blueprint: Jackson architect's post-Katrina studio helped homeowners rebuild

David Perkes realized the need for architectural expertise in the aftermath of Katrina while he was working in Jackson at a Mississippi State University architectural outreach program.

“It was pretty obvious work was desperately needed on the Coast,” he said. “I was commuting from Jackson to Biloxi immediately to offer as much assistance as I could.”

After a few months, Perkes found an office in Biloxi and formally opened the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio...

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Credit to: James Skremetta, The Sun Herald

David Perkes explains the New Paradigm of the Public Practice
David Perkes does not come across as a pioneer for a revolutionary new way to view architecture and construction.

He is soft spoken, and doesn't possess the desire to be the center of attention. However, his work in Biloxi, MS as the founding director of the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio (GCCDS) is the beginning of a innovative solution for solving issues within communities...

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Credit to: Neil Chambers,

The Gulf Coast Community Design Studio was established after Hurricane Katrina. A branch of Mississippi State University, the Design Studio is community-based practice that strives to give those who may not be able to afford an architect a well-designed home and to address the systemic issues, such as land use and housing, which affect the Gulf Coast.

“It’s obviously very rewarding to be in the community where the work is going on, to live here and work here. Not only see the work getting done, but now to see how people have planted gardens and really made those houses into their homes. That’s been a very rewarding aspect of being surrounded by our work.”-David

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