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J. Broussard’s New Orleans Style Cuisine

In the fall of 2000, J. Broussard’s opened in a former Elk’s Lodge building on Main Street in Downtown Columbus, Mississippi with Chef Joseph Broussard in the kitchen, and his wife Mary hosting guests in the dining room. A family run establishment garnered the interests of Columbus’ foodies.

The Stories

Life is full of love when you get to spend it doing something that makes your heart happy. I’m so fortunate to cook for such a wonderful crowd of people.

Very often people ask me where I went to cooking school. Growing up in a restaurant family, “cooking school” started very early, my knife techniques getting corrected at age nine or ten and watching my parents cook plenty of meals...

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Credit to: Joseph Broussard

Beth Rogers is an amazing chef!! Integrating bold new twists on delicious Southern style food!

Image: Visit Mississippi

Credit to: Emily Summerlin

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