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Jackson Foodies #EatJXN #ThinkJXN

Started by Carlyn Hicks, the Jackson Foodies is a group based primarily on Facebook. However, on every first Friday, the Foodies go out to lunch together and patronize local restaurants, and they're also working toward a initiative called #FeedJXN, which is going to be a dining experience where the homeless community in Jackson can "dine with dignity."

"This group is a forum to promote Jackson and support the one industry that can truly bring all of Jackson together through food and fellowship, no matter their background - the Jackson restaurant industry. We support Jackson's 1% Sales Tax plan in a robust way and we help grow jobs in this industry through our continuous and growing patronage at the many dining establishments Jackson has to offer."-Carlyn

The Stories

JXN Foodies founder Carlyn Hicks says one day in 2015, as she was walking through Metrocenter Mall, the fact that it looked like a ghost town struck a chord with her. But she saw some hope.

"I looked around and saw (soul food and African restaurant, Rehoboth Cafe) that had just opened up," she says.

"I have a very eclectic group of friends with diverse food interests, and I wanted to know how many of my Facebook friends had even heard of it. I started messaging folks, and no one had, so I said, 'You know what, let's get off Facebook and have some face-to-face time with each other and fill up the food court at the Metrocenter.' And 
we did."...

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Credit to: Onelia Hawa, The Jackson Free Press

Marcia Keys disliked eating alone.

The south Jackson housewife enjoyed trying new restaurants in her free time, but the thought of requesting a table for one was a turnoff. After joining the Jackson Foodies, a group dedicated to patronizing local restaurants, it's unlikely Keys will have to worry about dining solo again...

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Credit to: Bracey Harris, The Clarion-Ledger

This is the new #FeedJXN logo that the Jackson Foodies are using to promote their service to the citizens of Jackson. Pretty modern, if you ask us!

Credit to: Jackson Foodies

Carlyn Hicks is passionate about food, not only for the pure pleasure of satisfying her taste buds, but also for the relationships a good meal can forge between strangers.

“Food is a connector,” Hicks says. “It has the ability to bring a diverse group of people together, no matter their background, ethnicity, race, or religion. Food and fellowship has the power to transcend economic lines and create spaces for friendships we never thought would be possible.”...

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Credit to: Mississippi College Beacon

Carlyn Hicks understands two essential things about Mississippians: We love to eat, and we love to talk. Inspired by this, she founded Jackson Foodies, a group that gathers food lovers across the area to patronize local businesses and to grow community.

“I think that Jackson is a ripe, fertile ground for creatives. You know, this is a creative economy because there is so much that can be done here in our city, but you do have to be a little creative in how you can do things. The different communities within our city really speak for themselves in an artistic way, in a community way. And I’m hoping that the Jackson Foodies can be a part of strengthening those communities and those economies around them.”-Carlyn

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