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Jackson-Part I

This page is dedicated to the citizens of Jackson who are daring to differ. See part II for more Modern Mississippians. 

The Stories

Andrew Harrison-WJTV 12

He focuses on positive news and what's working in Mississippi!

Photo courtesy of WJTV

Credit to: Anonymous

Marika Cackett-Mississippi Museum of Art

She is solution oriented, always thinking outside the box and always putting Jackson, MS and the community first.

Go-getter: it’s the word Marika Cackett uses to describe herself. It better be true: this Fondrenite is diving in, head first, as The Mississippi Museum of Art’s new Director of Events and Food and Beverage. Cackett was hired late last Wednesday and, already, she’s been in charge of three events...

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Photo Courtesy of Find It In Fondren

Credit to: Anonymous

Ignacio Zambrano

Fashion, motivational speaker, and radical entrepreneur

Photo courtesy of Ignacio Zambrano.

Credit to: L. Sherie Dean

Silas Stapleton

Music artist who revolts against the regular rap movement to educate via music

At age 12, Silas Stapleton and Savanta Hunter’s musical influences seemingly couldn’t have been more different...

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The local hip-hop community has been singing the praises of "Gullah Gullah Island," the latest single from Jackson rapper Silas Stapleton, who performs as SilaS, since it began making the rounds last November. Now, having garnered attention from major national music publication Vibe, SilaS fans can expect a second wind for the song's popularity...

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Photo courtesy of Jackson Free Press.

Credit to: L. Sherie Dean

L. Sherie Dean

Media, blogger, celeb interviewer, only promotes the positive

L. Sherie is extraordinary, with her ability of organized multitasking; she has fully engrossed herself in numerous businesses/projects locally and nationally. She has worked for the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership since 2007 and is credited for branding the HeartBeats of Jackson healthy heart screening event hosted by Jackson, Mississippi area hospitals. L. Sherie is dedicated to her community and uses her marketing, promotion, communication (radio), planning and coordination skills to increase awareness, community involvement and accountability...

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Photo courtesy of L. Sherie Dean

Credit to: Ignacio Zambrano

Michael Bouldin-M&D Transportation

He is a partner of Uber who delivers prompt service, but he is different because he goes above and beyond by providing modern transport services that exemplifies modern transportation.

Photo courtesy of Michael L. Bouldin

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Tristan Duplichain

Small town photographer, trying to make it big.

Tristan Duplichain is growing her business, one photo at a time. The 20-year-old discovered her passion for photography at 14 and began her own business three years later.

Despite her age, Duplichain's work can be found in a variety of places, from Vogue Italia's website to more local organizations, such as Bops Frozen Custard locations, statewide magazines and local clothing stores. She says she likes to venture out and try many things. "I do a lot of graphic design," she says. "I photograph everything you could imagine—fashion, musicians, local artists, editorials, weddings, boudoir, events, children, maternity, babies, pets, glam, holidays and senior portraits."

Although she isn't exclusive in subject matter, Duplichain hopes to move into the fashion world...

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Photo Courtesy of Tristan Duplichain

Credit to: Brooke

Kenneth Marshall

Fashion Extraordinaire, 21 year old business owner, High Fashion expert, who hosts his own fashion shows in his own way.

Credit to: Ignacio Zambrano

Danielle Camp

Graduate of Mississippi State University and quite the artist. She can turn your vision into custom artwork and even a business logo like she did for me. Danielle herself is a piece of art and has passion that can be seen in her creations.

Credit to: Melissa Martinez

Alan Huffman

Writer, preservationist, world traveler, godfather to Jack Sewell.

Huffman, a north Jackson native and former Clarion-Ledger reporter, is a political opposition researcher, someone who is hired by a candidate during an election to gather information about the candidate and his or her opponent. Huffman, who graduated from the University of Mississippi, has been investigating politicians for 18 years. He and Rejebian chronicled their experiences traveling around the United States as political opposition researchers in the 2012 book "We're With Nobody: Two Insiders Reveal the Dark Side of American Politics" (William Morrow Paperbacks, 2012, $15.99). The book offers a humorous insight to the downfalls of political candidates...
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The story that formed the basis of my book Mississippi in Africa began in Mississippi, in familiar territory, but led to a decidedly unfamiliar place, to a region of Liberia known as Mississippi in Africa. Liberia was founded by freed slaves from the United States in the early 19th century, and the region called Mississippi in Africa was essentially a parallel Mississippi — a place they patterned after and named for their former home in the U.S. More than a century later, the subjugation of the indigenous tribes led to civil war. My desire to follow the story all the way through landed me in that war zone, which was as far outside my comfort zone as I’d ever been.

The basic premise I work from is that everyone knows something I don’t know. Everyone has their own piece of the puzzle. But it’s about more than the minutiae of a story, about all those individual pieces. It’s also about seeing the bigger picture taking shape. Part of the reason I come and go is to get a different vantage point on things. It’s like when you travel to an unfamiliar place: Upon your return, home looks different, too...

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Photo Courtesy of Portico.

Credit to: Jack Sewell

Jeff Good-Sal&Mookies, Broad Street Baking Co., Bravo!

Jeff Good goes by many names: restaurateur, consultant, and entrepreneur. Although, if you ask him, he characterizes himself first and foremost as a marketer. His ability to market his brand is the primary reason Good has become one of Jackson’s most well- known “celebrities.” Looking deeper, what really sets him apart is how he uses his brand to be a positive influence in the greater community...

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Good spoke candidly about his beliefs about Jackson. Certain that not enough voices are talking about love for one another or expressing a desire to help others, Good said, "I love my community and I want to help it; I don't want anything from it." Not only are those feelings a natural extension of his career choice—"I serve people all day"—they have to do with his having been what he calls the victim of soft prejudice—a Methodist among Mormons and then the new guy at Murrah. "I'm a product of my past. … I understand being treated differently based on what I am, not who I am. Jeff Good starts from empathy in all things," he explained...

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Jeff Good is such an active source of leadership in the Jackson-metro area, his gift for community building often overshadows his entrepreneurship...

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Photo Courtesy of Find It In Fondren

Cherita "Rita B." Brent

She's a talk show host and comedian in Jackson, MS. She has opened for famous comedians in the city. She is totally amazing!!! She rocks!

First up is 27-year-old Cherita “Rita B.” Handy. I’ve known Cherita for years and I’ve enjoyed watching her reach career and life milestones at a very early age. She is a Jackson, Miss. radio personality, currently working as a Radio Host/Producer for Mississippi Public Broadcasting and her very own show, The Rita B. Show w/Mr. Adams. In her free time, she does stand-up comedy and even won an award for her talent! During our chat, she shared why she decided to create her own show and advice on how women can break into radio...

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Listen to a podcast interview with Rita B. here.
Cherita Brent (also known as “Rita B.”) was born and raised in Jackson, MS by her then-single mother, Angela Weathersby. It was her mother who introduced her to the world of music, and she hasn’t looked back since. She began playing drum set in church with her mother on piano as a young girl, not knowing it would develop into something much bigger...

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Photo Courtesy of TEDx Jackson.

Deirdra Harris Glover

Fierce female who is empowering their community, peers, and challenging and out of date society! Writes for "The Blue & White Flash"

Deirdra Harris Glover is an inspiration. We first met about five years ago in a yoga class. As we moved through the class, the two of us surely took the championship for most fluid lost—both of us were sweating bullets. But seeing another full-figured woman take such joy in her practice was motivational...

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The two were on their way to a Jackson vigil Sunday to mourn the 49 victims lost in the largest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, at a gay nightclub in Orlando, when Rhis Harris, 18, shared this sentiment with sister and legal guardian Deirdra Harris Glover: “If I get hurt or shot, then if it helps people see the horrific things that are happening in our community, then I don’t care anymore."...

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Deirdra Harris Glover is a passionate supporter of women's rights and a lover of pop culture. Glover studied English and theater at Agnes Scott College in Georgia, an all-women's school. She moved to Jackson 13 years ago, and now works for the Unitarian Universalist Church in Jackson as communications and public relations director. The 41-year-old says the church is "really about community and enjoying that natural spark that we all have within us."...

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Photo Courtesy of Jackson Free Press.

Lorraine Magee

I dare to differ by making a difference in the lives of the youth in my area. We need to educate our youth to be themselves.

Credit to: Lorraine Magee

Jefferson Stewart

Jeff Stewart from Clinton, MS cause he's a very different individual.

Very unique guy.

Credit to: Schon Callender

Josh Rich

Josh Rich is a very unique and talented young man who lives in Brookhaven, MS. He takes video and pictures of all things train. He's a little obsessed.

See some of Josh's work here.

Credit to: Shoawn Balmer

LTC Dexter Brookins

He has grown up in MS but became an impressive Army officer and used in worldly experience to influence Jackson State students and cadets to become worldly people.

LTC Dexter M. Brookins entered the service on 11 August 1987 as a Private in the Infantry. LTC Brookins received his commission from the United States Reserve Officer Training Corps in 1997 from Jackson State University as a Distinguished Military Graduate...

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Credit to: Brooke Visosk

Claire Harkey: Modern woman & the "cool" cat lady.

Credit to: Anonymous

Chef Keith Manuel

I plan to make Jackson better one flavor at a time.

Credit to: Keith Manuel

Suzanne Zach: Actress, poet, author of children's books; Featured at Austin International Poetry Festival

Credit to: Suzanne Zach

Luther Stigley, a top chef, had a child, and his child prayed about what her calling was. With the help of the good Lord, she began culinary school and is now an aspiring chef. Angel now hopes to be a good enough or better chef as her dad.

Credit to: Angel Stigley

My pastor is very inspirational in compelling new souls to Christ!

Credit to: Earnestine Smith

My pastor Joel teaches us that if we were all more Christ-like the world would be a much better place.

Credit to: Ladonna Thompkey

Everyone... The interactions, hospitality, the trees, the love, the soul... I nominate everyone for making Mississippi....Mississippi.

Credit to: Cord Short

Randy Hayes is a very different person who does things in life different, has his own way of thinking.

Credit to: Jeffery

Margaret Anderson is a young artist who is very talented and needs her artwork shown here in the Art Museum. She is from Madison and would add a lot of Modern style into place here in Mississippi.

Credit to: Ryan Waters

Noah Walker (The Bush) is moving it forward with his hair and fashion.

Credit to: Adam Noone

Zach Lovett

Eclectic frontman of Young Valley who wears bolo ties and dances around like a wild man.

Photo Courtesy of Zach Lovett.

Credit to: Anonymous

Demetries "D1" is always thinking outside of the box and always coming up with ways of being different/Modern.

Credit to: Sherrion

Teressa Thomas: "I am modern because whatever I am in to, I share it to help and inspire people who are open.

Credit to: Teressa Thomas

Art makes everything more beautiful. From drawings to music, the littlest thing can make a difference. I want to use art to convince people that life can be better if you make it happen. I went from a bad life to a music filled life which brought me to join the Air Force. Now, I protect and serve and make a major difference in everyone's life!

Credit to: Amber Lynn Pitts

John Sewell

A very intelligent person; helpful to environment.

Very smart person. Kind and very wise. -Erin

Millsaps College is pleased to announce that John Sewell has been named director of communications and marketing. A Jackson native and longtime resident, Sewell graduated from Millsaps in 1988 with a B.A. in history...

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John Sewell plays many roles in Jackson, from his day job as the director of corporate communications at Blue Cross Blue Shield to his position on at least five boards, including the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, Parents for Public Schools and the Fondren Renaissance Foundation. He is also a husband and father of three...

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Photo Courtesy of Millsaps College.

Credit to: Maggie Sewell

Officer McGowen of the Fondren Precinct is a Police Officer extraordinaire.

Credit to: Anonymous

Tracey Davis, a Sociology Instructor at Holmes Community College Ridgeland Campus, challenges everyone to step out of their comfort zone & to face "stereotypes" or myths that they have been presented with.

Credit to: Danielle Wells

My friend Britain dares to differ from the norm because she was the kicker for our school's football team.

Credit to: Aundria Price

Essie Monger because she's a nurse and cares for the sick.

Credit to: Marty Monger

Chrystian Butler is an unique multi-talented artist who attends Murrah High School.

Credit to: Anonymous

I feel that my dance teacher is so modern because she is different in what type of dance she does. She embraces it, loves it, and is always happy.

Credit to: Anonymous

COL Frederick Brown is different from the average JROTC instructor because he takes a direct approach in changing his cadets' lives.

Credit to: Kayla Pippins

Elizabeth is modern because she doesn't care what others think, and she loves everyone around her.

Credit to: Eliza Burnham

Georgia is modern!!! She doesn't let other people's opinions get in her way.

Credit to: Anonymous

Genevieve dares to be different because she has her own style that goes against what other people wear.

Credit to: Georgia

Felder Rushing

Felder Rushing with MPB because he doesn't care about being himself and playing cheesy music on the radio.

Felder Rushing is Mississippi’s Master Gardener (a program which he started in Mississippi). His love of gardening began under the apprenticeship of his horticulturist great-grandmother and his garden club grandmother. His books, thousands of newspaper articles, his magazine articles, radio show (The Gestalt Gardener) and his TV appearances have made him Southern Living magazine’s “one of twenty-five people most likely to change the South.” He has also founded what he calls Slow Gardening. In all, Rushing has authored or co-authored eighteen books about gardening. He graduated from Mississippi State University and worked as an Extension Service urban horticulture specialist until he retired early. He lives in the Fondren area of Jackson, Mississippi...

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Over the past couple of years I've become quite fond of listening to podcasts of Felder Rushing's gardening program, The Gestalt Gardener, on Mississippi Public Broadcasting. Having lived in the Northeast for almost 40 years, I've lost my southern accent, so I really enjoy hearing the many variations of "southern" on Felder's weekly program...

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Photo Courtesy of Felder Rushing.

Our kids because they are the future, and with them coming up, they will make the world different.

Credit to: Rebecca Miggins

Ellen Langford

Central, MS artist located in Belhaven. She busts her ass for her children and dares to differ. LGBT & modernly wonderful.

Mississippi artist Ellen Langford is driven to communicate with layers of color and texture until each image becomes its own and she can move on. Several paintings at a time are always in progress, and she moves back and forth as each piece develops at its own pace. She paints a playful, and often joyful, outlook on life. She has always painted and as it has become her primary work, it has become her way of storytelling...

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Photo Courtesy of Ellen Langford.

Credit to: Lauren Cox

Lillian Herring because she is a brave cancer fighter. She is in Memphis now.

Credit to: Adrionna Herring

Mrs. Phillips (Callaway High School) is a very unique and bold artist!

Credit to: Kalah Williams

Dr. Taunjah Bell Neasman

She is a great educator. African American Nero-psychology professor at JSU.

For psychology majors at Jackson State University, not many other professors have made a bigger impact than Dr. Taunjah Bell Neasman. The Miami, Fla., native came to Jackson State in the fall of 2008 to teach biological psychology, physiological psychology and statistics classes. Neasman said she has always felt like she wanted to do something with the brain and took advanced placement psychology in high school...

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Photo Courtesy of Jackson Free Press.

Credit to: Alexis Davis

Mrs. Quarterman is modern because she loves to help others!

Credit to: Sakela Lewis

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