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JXN Barley’s Angels

Barley's Angels serves women who seek a comfortable environment to explore and learn about Craft Beer while allowing publicans, brewers and restaurateurs a platform demonstrating their commitment to provide safe, friendly experiences for their female customers.

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Barley’s Angels is a network of chapters by and for women exploring beer around the world. Barley's Angels chapters expand the appreciation and understanding of craft beer among women through events with craft beer professionals. Chapter events are places to discover how to cook with beer, tricks to pairing beer with food (and chocolate!), what makes the beer you like taste just right, how to buy the right beer, etc. The Jackson, MS chapter was established two years ago and is still growing. When I started the group, I figured it would never be bigger than me and my friends. Oh boy was I wrong. Women in Jackson are just as curious about the craft beer craze as men are. We have an ever growing mailing list and nearly a hundred paid members. JXN Barley's Angels group provides women with a comfortable environment to explore and learn about Craft Beer while allowing publicans, brewers and restaurateurs to grow their female customer base by hosting Barley's Angels' safe, friendly events. Most meetings consist of thirty to thirty-five women; some are repeat offenders, and others are newbies. We invite everyone. Only rule is that you must be female to attend. Monthly meeting's feature chef inspired craft beer and food pairings, beer trivia, guest speakers, giveaways, etc. Past meetings have been held at Hal and Mals, Bulldog, BrewHaha, LuckyTown Brewery, Iron Horse, Sal and Mookies, Sombra, Sal and Phils, Deep South Pops, etc. Pictured are the four women that make it happen: Heather Collette - Administrative Event Manager Toni Francis - President / Marketing and Event Manager Shanna Head - Community Outreach and Media Charlene Williams - PR and Volunteer Coordinator

Credit to: Toni Francis

Sipping a New Belgium Slow Ride Session IPA out of a frosty pint glass at Sneaky Beans, Toni Francis is gearing up for the June meeting of the Jackson chapter of Barley's Angels, an all-female craft beer appreciation society. As founder and leader of the group, Francis explains that this month's meeting is a little different from the usual.

"We support local restaurants and want to get more people to support local businesses. BrewHaHa Homebrew Supply is a local home-brew store, and a lot of people in Jackson have heard of it, but don't really know what it is."

Francis invited the owner of BrewHaHa to one of the regular Barley's Angels meetings, but he said he was more comfortable in his own space.

"I thought, 'Even better.' This gets people hands-on with beer-brewing education — to be able to see the grains, see the packages of yeast, malts, barleys — to really understand how beer is actually made and the hard work that goes into it. Most of our meetings are different — not that they don't focus on beer education, but we do more sampling and food pairings," Francis says...

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Credit to: Andi Agnew, The Clarion Ledger

When Toni Francis' husband, T, came home from a trip to Vicksburg, Francis never imagined that one day, she'd become the marketing and events coordinator for the Jackson chapter of Barley's Angels, one of 75 all-female groups from across the world dedicated to craft-beer education.

In June 2014, six months after she gave birth to her son, Hyde, her husband suggested that she take a break from being a full-time mother and start up a craft-beer club for women after he heard about the Barley's Angels in Vicksburg. In July, Francis started JXN Barley's Angels, which offers a safe, non-judgmental space for women to try out new beer paired with small-plate dishes from local restaurants...

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Credit to: Maya Miller, The Jackson Free Press

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