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Keep Cleveland Boring

Keep Cleveland Boring is a non-profit organization that puts together unique events to showcase original, independent talent and raise money the community.

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Hundreds of folks came out to Cleveland this weekend to cool down and enjoy some live music and cold beer. Keep Cleveland Boring hosted its Pour Mississippi Beer and Music Festival on Saturday in Downtown Cleveland. There were over twenty Mississippi breweries who came out for the event. Even some visitors from Iceland from Einstock Breweries. Organizers say that they're glad to continue to Keep Cleveland a fun way of course. They hope to make this an annual event.

Credit to: Your Delta News

What makes your town unique?

Is it the people, the sights, the food scene, or something else entirely? I think it’s really the mix of different things. We have a great organization called Keep Cleveland Boring that plans events, hosts craft beer and music festivals, supports original music, holds free art shows, trivia nights and more. It’s a tongue-in-cheek name, and it’s become really popular. They sell ‘Keep Cleveland Boring’ t-shirts and merchandise. They are always a big hit...

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Credit to: The Culture Trip

Credit to: Keep Cleveland Boring

Credit to: Keep Cleveland Boring

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