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Laurin Stennis, Ink

From the Artist:

I speak with candor and a slight Southern accent, and my art reflects those same tendencies, whether capturing a building or a bee. As a Mississippi native, I grew up surrounded by stories and music that often conveyed serious truths by way of circuitous routes. As someone who was raised in a political family and who later obtained an undergraduate degree in religion, I have always been fascinated by the power of myth and imagery to both illuminate and inspire, obfuscate and oppress.

The Stories

Until now, Stennis had never pursued her art as a full-time passion. “I kind of tripped and stumbled into linocut relief printing,” she says, noting her love of the craftsman style and other influences on her work. “After a little Makers Mark makes it way into my system, I like to think of my work as the love children of Walter Anderson and Flannery O’Connor.”

Most prints are limited edition, twenty five at a time. Stennis sees it as twenty five people contributing to the cost of her work. Each piece carries its own religious and political commentary, but the ultimate meaning is left for the beholder to decide. “Often people ask a story behind a particular piece,” she explains. “I don’t mind sharing it, but first I ask what they see. I don’t want to mess with that. Once I’m done, it’s yours. I can tell you my story but yours is just as interesting to me.”

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Credit to: Find it in Fondren

I have seen it. More importantly, I have felt it, with my hands and my heart.I wish it would become our new state flag.

That it was designed by Jackson artist Laurin Stennis — the 42-year-old granddaughter of the late John C. Stennis, who served Mississippi as a U.S. senator for more than 41 years — makes the possibility even more special...

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Credit to: The Clarion-Ledger

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