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Mangia Bene Catering & Restaurant Group

Mangia Bene, which means "Eat Well" in Italian, is the company which is owned by Jeff Good and Dan Blumenthal. Some of Jackson's favorite restaurants--Sal & Mookies, Bravo!, and Broad Street Bakery--are owned by Mangia Bene.

The Stories

Jeff Good and Dan Blumenthal, co-owners of Sal & Mookie's New York Pizza and Ice Cream Joint, are honored to have been selected by the U.S. Small Business Administration as the 2013 Mississippi State Small Business Persons of the Year.

Each year since 1963, the President has issued a proclamation calling for the celebration of Small Business Week. National Small Business Week recognizes outstanding small business owners for their personal successes and contributions to our nation...

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Singer Cindy Lauper in her 80’s classic single “Girls Just Wanna have Fun” created a mantra for cutting loose and making life a little more fun. For leaders, I would adapt this theme to say “Employees Just Wanna Have Some Fun.” This does not mean that the workplace should be a free for all. Instead, it means that we realize that a lot of work can be repetitious and frankly boring! We can breathe some life into our workplaces with some creativity and intentionality about making work more fun and engaging. Stephen Lundin captured this idea in his bestselling classic Fish! which is a fictional parable based on the real Pike Place Fish Market which is nationally known for its joyful atmosphere and world class customer service...

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Credit to: Martin Willoughby, MS Business Journal

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Jeff Good is well-known in the Jackson area for co-owning several restaurantsSal & Mookies, Bravo!, and Broadstreet Bakery are all Jackson favorites. Jeff moved here during high school, so he has come to consider himself a Mississippi native.

“Twenty-three years later, we’re not on the cutting edge anymore... We’re seen as much more traditional now, and we’re someplace that’s a place of safety and comfort for many. We’re still a very successful restaurant, but we are not on the cutting edge. And that’s okay. I think that kinda comes with the maturity of your art form.”-Jeff

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