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McComb (the city)

Nominated as a Modern Mississippi site, McComb has been described as one of the arts hubs of Mississippi and they definitely do everything to try to live up to the title.

It was originally established as a place for railroad maintenance shops and it’s workers (strategically located in an effort to keep them away from the distractions of New Orleans).

With a thriving radio stationmusic studio, visual arts community (see below), a local bank doubling as an arts gallery, and a love for historic preservation and renovation, the City of McComb has most certainly created a unique mark on the map.

Yet, despite the city founders' best efforts to keep New Orleans influence at a distance, the music and food still influence the town's fabric. 

Thank you to all those who shared with us their stories of daring to differ.

A special thank you to Michael Guttuso, McComb Modern Ambassador. Whether working in his role as director of the Pike County Art Council, as an antique dealer, or as a fine dining chef, he perpetually celebrates McComb's uniqueness.

These are the stories we experienced while visiting this community. To find more stories about places and people from the area, explore the map.

The Stories

La'Porsha Renae made third place in the finals of American Idol in 2016.

This video shows her homecoming concert after the show.

Her inspirational story is one of someone daring to differ, driven by the birth of her daughter. She escaped from an abusive relationship and slowly rebuilt her life and followed her dream.

Credit to: Newsocracy

Music for You Studios is the home base of Castro Coleman AKA Mr. Sipp “The Mississippi Blues Child.” Born August 25, 1976 in the town of McComb, MS, he began playing the guitar at the age of six. Mr. Sipp considers himself vocalist, songwriter, musician, composer, producer and entertainer. Castro has over 130 credits and has played on over 50 national recordings. He has traveled abroad to Russia, Germany, Scotland and beyond spreading his gift of music and sharing his McComb, Mississippi sound. He’s chosen, despite great acclaim, to remain tied to his McComb where he contributes to community cohesion.

The Caboose Restaurant

Dione Kinchen, joined by Pike County Arts Council Director Michael Gattuso, reflects on The Caboose Restaurant in McComb, Mississippi. Dione and her husband Lloyd Kinchen have operated a series of successful restaurants, and The Caboose takes the couple’s Louisiana menu and sensibilities and enmeshes them in the McComb community. As the name suggests, The Caboose embraces the railroad that is both an integral part of McComb’s history and a symbol of the town’s progress forward.

Topisaw General Store

interview coming soon.....

At the age of 65 Fern Crossley continues to be a powerhouse in her McComb community and has kept her late husband Charles Crossley's studio alive through workshops and tours. She is still a central figure in town and has her own radio show on WAKK fm where she highlights local culture and creative economy.

Jim and Libba Alford are, among other things, staunch advocates for McComb, Mississippi's downtown revitalization. In this interview, Libba explains how it came to be that an old Goodyear Tire storefront became their private residence.

Mississippi artist Wyatt Waters stopped by McComb for a workshop and painted this iconic scene.

Credit to: Wyatt Waters

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