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Midtown, Jackson

Home to a vibrant community of artists, builders, makers, crafts persons, skilled professionals, and entrepreneurs. We take pride in the things we make, and the place we make them. Made in Midtown is a campaign focused on attracting additional businesses, commerce and economic activity to Midtown by highlighting all of the products and services that its businesses provide.

The Stories

Innovative, new ideas & thoughts grow here. Flourishing independent artists are thriving here. From Pearl River Glass Studio and all the creative individuals that work there and continue their own art outside of work to D&P Design, Daivaine Lighting, Soul Wire Café. This town encourages and support the arts and community today.

Credit to: Sam Thomas

Midtown has been home to an arts district since the 1970’s, and while it too declined in the 90’s, there has been a constant presence of artists striving to keep the district flowing with creativity. Over the past few years, there has been an increased influx of artists and creative professionals that are buying buildings and making Midtown their home. More than 40 working artists find their home in Midtown now.

Credit to: Red Squared Productions

Credit to: Red Squared Productions

Hear the stories of Midtown's charter school.

Credit to: Red Squared Productions

Jackson, Mississippi’s Midtown neighborhood is one of its oldest. Incorporated in the early 1900s, the area’s warehouses are flanked by railroad spurs that are reminders of past economic activity.

The neighborhood suffered after the construction of an interstate highway and the migration to nearby suburbs that followed. But today a social and economic revitalization effort is attracting entrepreneurs, investors and artists to the area...

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Credit to: The Kresge Foundation

Credit to: David Grant Gilmore

The is a timelapse of a mural created over 4 days in the Midtown neighborhood of Jackson Mississippi.

Credit to: Scott Allen

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