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Mississippi Art Education Association (MAEA)

MAEA is an organization of art educators who are passionate in their commitment to using art in developing creative processes that benefit all students. The arts teach students creative problem solving that they can apply to life, professionally or personally, they believe. MAEA provides the tools to implement this by keeping teachers on the cutting edge of art education.

The Stories

Teachers working together to bring new and modern ideas to the classroom.

Credit to: Renna Moore

MAEA educators hone techniques at a conference held here at the Museum.

Highlights from the Cultural Day workshops of the Mississippi Art Education Association 2013 Fall conference at the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson, Mississippi. The first day of the conference consisted of a Printing workshop in the morning at the museum with noted artist, Richard Stowe. Stowe owns Lotus Editions Print Studio and specializes in hand pulled serigraphs (silkscreen prints of original works of art) and he is also the executive director of the North Midtown Arts Center in Jackson. The afternoon was filled with an exciting and informative architectural tour of downtown Jackson, including a trip to the state capitol building and the historic Edwards Hotel.

Credit to: Delta Moose

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