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Mississippi Grounds

It wasn’t long ago that Cleveland, MS, the diamond of the Delta lands, was jones-ing for a coffee shop downtown. Aunt-and-niece duo Tracy Portner and Daye Radford, respectively, answered the call. Overtaking the vacancy of an old service station, Mississippi Grounds stands as Cleveland and Delta State University’s go-to shop for all things coffee. Open and bustling since January 3, 2011, Mississippi Grounds boasts a breakfast, lunch, and dessert menu, and of course… coffee.

The Stories

Daye Radford and Tracy Portner, co-founders
Originally hailing from Greenfield and Martin, TN, these two ladies have made coffee a family affair. Just check out the menu, where meals like the Snoody salad and Fonzo Womble take their unique monikers directly from relatives or inside-jokes among the kin. Approachable, amiable, and adept, these two women are the wheels and cogs of a well-oiled, bean-grinding machine. We dare you to find better.

Credit to: Mississippi Grounds

Cade Holder: This apple-cider drinker likes to sing and dance…all over the shop. She is the happiest person you'll see all day and will often provide you with her word of the day--most likely in an Irish accent.

Laura Beth Lott: You can meet the eldest of our barista crew on the morning shift. Our crafty, pop-culture loving Laura Beth is adored by the regulars for her coffee knowledge and surly-come-cheeky attitude.

Beth Allmon: Beth is our resident music master. Another Memphis-area import, she is a music education senior at DSU who puts Mr. Clean and his awkward earring to shame. Youth mentor, voice lesson instructor, and wedding singer, she'll serenade you while brewing up your afternoon pick-me-up.

Jordan Simpson: Afraid of all those calories in our MS Grounds sweet treats? Never fear! Cue Jordan, our resident marathoner / barista / Zumba instructor extraordinaire! This hometown girl teaches classes at Balance Fitness on the side and is partial to a fresh fruit smoothie with a big, bright straw!

Kim Rivera: The baby of the bunch, Kim’s a freshman Kappa Delta at DSU who adores our Blueberry Cinnamon roasted coffee. You’ll find Kim at the espresso machine or on the intramural fields, adding a bit of much-needed Latin flavor.

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