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Mississippi Museum of Art

Our mission is to “engage Mississippians in the visual arts,” a statement that focuses on community interaction and personal experience, and the Museum plays a pivotal role in the revitalization of downtown Jackson. Situated between Thalia Mara Hall and the Jackson Convention Complex, the Museum and The Art Garden serve as the anchors of Jackson’s cultural district, and Downtown Jackson. Visitors to the Jackson Convention Complex will get a grand impression of Mississippi’s creative heritage. Meeting goers, as well as everyday downtowners, can adjourn to the Museum for particularly inspirational coffee and lunch breaks (it sets the stage for a remarkable rebirth of Downtown Jackson). Mississippi has always had an abundant supply of creative energy. The Mississippi Museum of Art strives to be a fountainhead attracting people from all walks to discuss the issues and glories of the past and present, while continuing to inspire progress in the future.

The Stories

This Spring/Summer, the Museum hosts an unprecedented exhibition of work by more than fifty 20th century modern masters. It is the first time these artists have all been represented together in the state for public display.

Bill Dunlap, one of the artists housed at the Mississippi Museum of Art.
Noted as a modern American artist, recently branched out — into the world of flash fiction. His new collection, debuting (his choice) on April 1st, Short Mean Fiction, is an eclectic translation. A very different mix of short stories and drawings.

Credit to: Neil White

Paintings by Marie Hull, Dusti Bonge and Andrew Bucci are among about a dozen works that'll come to three-dimensional "life" courtesy of volunteer models and artistic staff.

"We're running with the idea that in Mississippi, art does have a life of its own," museum marketing director Julian Rankin said...

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Credit to: Sherry Lucas, The Clarion-Ledger

Credit to: Mississippi Museum of Art

The Mississippi Museum of Art's Third Thursday runs with a Sneaker Madness theme this week, and talented Mississippians put art and sole into the project.

"These events have their own personality, and we're always looking for stuff we haven't done before, and new ways of exploring visual arts in Mississippi," museum marketing director Julian Rankin said. "We had the fun idea of doing something with a blank canvas, but not a traditional canvas."

Garrad Lee hatched the idea to explore the aesthetics of sneaker culture, Rankin said, "and I wanted to inject original Mississippi art." And the canvas? It's on high tops...

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Photo: William Goodman's shoes

Credit to: Sherry Lucas, The Clarion-Ledger

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