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Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network

"MSAN is a way to encourage more support for locally-grown, responsibly-raised food, to foster a new generation of farmers dedicated to regenerative agriculture while supporting their growth, and to bridge the gap from where we are and where we need to be through educational outreach and building community awareness," Daniel Doyle, Executive Director

MSAN supports healthy farms and communities to develop economically and ecologically responsible local food systems throughout Mississippi.

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Old MacDonald made room for a younger generation of farmers Sunday, plus an estimated 50 to 70 people who wanted to check out their farms. The fairly new Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network coordinated free tours Sept. 29 of Black Creek Farms in Columbus, Beaverdam and High Hope Farms in Cedar Bluff, and Bountiful Harvest Farm in Starkville.

MSAN is a network of farmers, consumers and educators working together to improve the sustainability of Mississippi's existing agriculture system.

It's also generating some excitement.

"It's an idea we've been talking about for years, from a farmers' perspective and a consumers' perspective as well, and we've started off strong," said MSAN statewide coordinator Danial Doyle of Oxford. Doyle is a tireless champion for locally-grown, sustainable agriculture; he organized Sunday's tours. (He was also integral in getting the popular "Farm on Wheels" bus on the road, and is the former director of the Gaining Ground Sustainability Institute of Mississippi.)...

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Featured is Billy Ray Brown from Brown Family Dairy and more!

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On March 4 and 5, 60 independent family farmers, ranchers, and sustainable agriculture advocates from 24 states met with more than 105 legislative offices in Washington DC. Participants urged Congress to restore funding for critical sustainable agriculture programs and pass a farm bill that advances the sustainability of agriculture, rural communities, food systems, and natural resources...

Another participant, Daniel Doyle, is a co-founder of Yokna Bottoms Farm in Oxford, MS and current director of the Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network. Doyle sees tremendous potential across the state for more sustainable agriculture to thrive.

“With a nearly year-round growing season and some of the best agricultural growing land in the country, producing fresh, locally-grown food makes lots of sense for Mississippi farmers,” he says...

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As many of us may know, conventional farming is having terrible impacts on both environmental and human health across the country. However, what you may not know is that traditional farming has an incredibly large impact on minorities, specifically in the southern region of our nation. Throughout our history, minorities have worked the land in disempowering situations, from slavery to sharecropping and then to wage per piece labor. Williams Graduate of 2006, Daniel Doyle, realized this while taking a tutorial on the South while studying at Williams College. Last week on Friday, September 18 at our weekly Log Lunch, Doyle came to discuss with the community how he has been addressing these issues since his graduation in ’06...

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Credit to: Williams College, Center for Environmental Study

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