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Mockingbird Cafe

Built in 1868 and boasting a rare three-sided gallery, the Mockingbird Café is a small, charmingly eclectic venue located two blocks from the Beachfront, Old Town Bay St. Louis. The 'bird is the preferred hangout of the young, young at heart, slightly underground, artsy, volunteers, old hippies and generally, anyone with an easy spirit who doesn't think you should put extra starch in your underwear. We've been called the Living Room of the Bay, and that is true. When the Mockingbird was born, out of the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, locals and volunteers alike found the 'bird to be a welcome and comforting presence in the trying, chaotic times after the storm. In the years since, the Mockingbird Cafè has evolved from coffee shop & gathering place into a respected restaurant and art gallery. The walls of the 'bird are filled with the creations of local artist and photographers.

The Stories

The Mockingbird Café is always one of the first stops for people visiting Bay St. Louis.
Usually they were commanded by some friendly local to go there.
Or they may have read about the Mockingbird in Southern Living (it’s been featured there several times) or some other national publication.

Visitors can always find interesting locals willing to converse in the lively café.
On any given day, you’re likely to find college students who have stumbled on the Bay during their travels, scientists who work at Stennis Space Center, day-trippers from New Orleans and beyond, kids from the nearby schools and lots of artists and writers.
The mix of people is as irresistible as the food and beverages served up by smiling The Mockingbird’s affectionate nickname is “The Town’s Living Room,” and it is...

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Credit to: Bay St. Louis Old Town

Mockingbird Cafe is now a part of my daily routine! After yoga I get a chai tea that is simply delicious. I love the creative atmosphere that supports my writing and work. And if I stay long enough, I HAVE to have one of their garden burger - the BEST I've ever tasted!! Great service, friendly staff and such a cool hidden gem!

Credit to: Crystal Naomi Stretching, Facebook Reviewer

The Mockingbird is the center of town. It is a place to meet friends, where the staff know your name, where anything that is happening is happening there. The women who run it are community builders. The coffee the best in town. Not be missed on a visit to this lovely coastal town.

Credit to: Archana Sharma, Facebook Reviewer

Alicen Wonderland and Julie Ragusa are the owners of The Mockingbird Café in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. After Hurricane Katrina, they both recognized the need for a space where the community could come and heal from tragedy together.

“Mississippi’s home, and this place in particular is magic. And it’s the people that make it so.”-Alicen

“I think this place attracts like-minded people. The Mockingbird and Bay St. Louis, Mississippi attracts like-minded people who celebrate diversity and who really appreciate diversity.”-Julie

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