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Muzik 4 You Studio (Mr. Sipp)

Muzik 4 You Studios is the home base of Castro Coleman a-k-a Mr. Sipp "The Mississippi Blues Child." Born August 25, 1976 in the town of McComb, MS, he began playing the guitar at the age of six. Mr. Sipp considers himself vocalist, songwriter, musician, composer, producer and entertainer. Castro has over 130 credits and has played on over 50 national recordings. He has traveled abroad to Russia, Germany, Scotland and beyond spreading his gift of music and sharing his McComb, Mississippi sound. He is the 2016 Best New Artist Album Blues Music Award winner. In 2015 he won the JMA Male Artist of the year, National Artist of the year, Blues Artist of the year. He is also the 2014 International Blues Challenge and Gibson Best Guitarist. He was cast in the recently released James Brown movie, "Get On Up" Mr. Sipp loves life, and he loves music.

The Stories

Pictured here: Castro Coleman, who performs as blues musician Mr. Sipp, at the radio studio at WAKK FM.

Before we interviewed Mr. Sipp, Fern Crossley of WAKK FM interviewed the Modern crew and Mr. Sipp alongside artist Prudence Owens McGehee. 

The interview will be uploaded in the next couple of weeks.

Credit to: The Modern crew

Mr. Sipp performing at the International Blues Challenge in 2014.

Credit to: Mr. Sipp

Our interview with Mr. Sipp.

Credit to: Modern crew

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