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Nautilus Publishing Company

The Nautilus Publishing Company is an independent publishing company begun by author Neil White. This company helps share important stories from established and emerging authors, many of whom are from and write about Mississippi life and culture.

The Stories

If the earth titled ever-so-slightly during a workday, Neil White might not survive.Books, boxes and stacks of paper are just about everywhere in the offices of Nautilus Publishing Co., where White is the owner, creative director and publisher.

“We have three full-time employees, and about 30 freelance people we work with for writing, design and copy-editing,” White said.

Recent Nautilus titles include “The Education of a Lifetime” by Robert Khayat, “Mississippi’s Greatest Athletes” by Rick Cleveland and “Stennis: Plowing a Straight Furrow” by Don Thompson.

“I don’t know about hitting our stride,” White said, “but we’ve got a lot going on.”

He started the operation at a kitchen table in 1994, and the business grew out of desperation...

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Photo Courtesy of The Nautilus Publishing Company.

Credit to: M. Scott Morris, Associated Press

Beginning on April 1 until May 26, he will showcase his works, dating from the 1970s, in an exhibition titled “Look At It – Think About It” at American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center. This 30,000 square-foot center sits atop the Embassy Row in Washington D.C.

There, William Dunlap will also release a book, “Short Mean Fiction,” published by Nautilus Publishing Company located on 426 South Lamar Boulevard in Oxford, Mississippi. He will appear in Oxford on April 21 to sign the book – just in time for Visit Oxford’s annual Double Decker Arts Fest, presented by Caterpillar...

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Credit to: Callie Daniels Bryant,

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