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North Mississippi AllStars

North Mississippi Allstars formed in 1996; the product of a special time for modern Mississippi country blues. Brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson soaked up the music of their father, Memphis legend Jim Dickinson, and absorbed the North Mississippi legacy while playing and shaking it down in the juke joints with their blues ancestors. R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Otha Turner and their musical families were at their peak, making classic records and touring the world. Eventually, Luther (guitar, vocals) and Cody (drums, vocals) formed the North Mississippi Allstars and pioneered their own brand of blues-infused rock and roll.

The Stories

Longtime Memphis musician and producer Jim Dickinson always told his sons, “You need to be playing music together. You are better together than you will ever be apart.” Luther and Cody Dickinson grew up hearing those words, along with the musical sounds their father helped shape.

When Jim Dickinson died in August 2009, the brothers coped the way they knew best: through music. Those sessions led to a new album from their band, The North Mississippi Allstars, called Keys to the Kingdom (Songs of the South)...

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The secret to Luther Dickinson's signature wailing slide-guitar groove? Start with the basics.

"In my community, everybody played with their fingers and everybody played slide guitar and open tuning," the North Mississippi Allstars frontman tells Jackie Greene, who sat down together during Nashville's Americana Fest to discuss Dickinson's approach to his instrument. And, of course, do a little noodling. (The two did time in the Black Crowes at different points in the band's career.) When Dickinson plays, his fingers do the walking — something host Greene points out in the video, the first of D'Addario's Guitar Power acoustic series...

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Credit to: NPR

Credit to: Rolling Stone

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