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Off Square Books

Off Square Books, at 129 Courthouse Square, is the middle of Square Books' bookstore-in-three-buildings. With its single-level retail floor, skylights, five fans on the high ceiling, and giant front windows that roll up when the weather is fine, Off Square is the perfect location for getting lost in.

The Stories

Don't be in a rush! Take some quality time to browse all the wonderful genres, purchase a book, grab a coffee and head to the balcony. Such a wonderful place to kick back, read and enjoy the view in one of the most charming spots in the South.

Credit to: Alana Shannon Pinchback, Facebook reviewer

This is my favorite bookstore & I've been to many all over the country. Bar none. Intimate, friendly & a terrific assortment, and the staff actually cares about books & it's customers. Quite refreshing.

Credit to: Rod Wiethop, Facebook reviewer

Melissa Ginsburg at Square Books

"In the neighborhood of Leeds there is the Padfoot, a weird apparition about the size of a small donkey, 'with shaggy hair and large eyes like saucers'... to see it is a prognostication of death." - T.F. Thiselton Dyer, THE GHOST WORLD, 1893
"And that's how I feel about life" - Jack Pendarvis, MOVIE STARS event, April 19, 2016

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