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Offbeat is an alternative culture store that specializes in designer toys, graphic novels, records, and art books. The location is also an art gallery that showcases the work of young minority artists around the state.

The Stories

“Music has a very powerful effect on people. I like to see people happy because music brings out emotions, and in some cases, it triggers a memory. I like exposing people to new music, and when I find music I’ve never heard before — whether new or old — and it sounds amazing, I want everybody else to hear it. I’m Phillip “DJ Young Venom” Rollins, and I’m a disc jockey and owner of Offbeat art and music store in Midtown…” - DJ Young Venom...

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Credit to: The Clarion-Ledger

Vibe Doctors Jazz Project and hip hop artist 5th Child of Jackson, MS performing at Offbeat in the Midtown District of Jackson (11/8/14). The event was a 2nd Anniversary celebration for the Jackson independent labels "Elegant Trainwreck Productions" and "Homework Town Records". Vibe Doctors Jazz Project is a collaboration by Jason Mathena (Vibraphone), Lucas Pettey (Bass) , and Owen Rockwell (Drums) in order to foster a greater appreciation of jazz music played on the vibraphone among audiences in Jackson, MS.

Credit to: JacksonMSmusic

I think OffBeat is modern because it makes you aware of all genres of music from all time periods.

Credit to: Dolo

The records and comics at OffBeat gives you a nostalgic look back at the past and uses them to bring to life the youth of the present and future. Plus Phillip Rallins, aka DJ Young Venom is pretty funny.

Credit to: Mississippi Museum of Art visitor

I nominate Offbeat art in Midtown because they offer a platform to artists who might otherwise not find support in Jackson. Plus they carry records!!!

Credit to: Michael Milnick

Blend of records, comics, art, live entertainment, social engagement space, and a home for the nerd community. smile

Credit to: Emily Summerlein

Phillip Rollins describes Offbeat as an alternative arts store, but it has been described as a culture store. A venue, shop, and gallery for minority artists, Offbeat has become a hub of artistic activity in the Jackson area.

“It’s exactly what I wanted it to be. It’s still the beginning that it hasn’t gotten to where there are ten people coming in a day just hanging out, but it’s people that are building a community and realizing ‘I can have this here.’”-Phillip Rollins

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