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Pig & Pint

Serving barbecue and craft beer, Pig & Pint is a Fondren favorite.

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But because the wait had been agonizing – I think 16 months at last count – I couldn’t wait any longer. I just couldn’t.

And so, on a chilly night in March, I went to the official opening night of Pig & Pint, Fondren’s newest hip and funky restaurant venture – and Jackson’s new smoked meat headquarters...

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Credit to: Tom Ramsey

Best restaurant in Fondren. Great Food.

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Jackson is taking barbecue lovers to school. “We’re trying to help people understand, Memphis stole barbecue from us. Like Elvis and the river,” he says with a chuckle.

It seems The Pig & Pint hopes to help the Magnolia State reclaim some of its notoriety, at least when it comes to culinary pursuits. Mississippi barbecue, Jackson explains, is pork dominant with pulled pork and ribs with other things on side. The sauce defines the state’s smoked meat flavor profile. It’s tomato based, sweeter in style, with lots of baking spice flavors like vanilla, nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon. “But,” Jackson says, “We’re going to show you some different things” (including a Carolina mustard sauce, a vinegar sauce and a hot sauce to round out their four proprietary blends)...

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