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Pike National Bank (and art gallery)

From the business:

Pike National Bank celebrated 30 years of banking on September 30, 2015, thanks to the dream the late Joe Sones had over 30 years ago of having a local bank focusing on the needs of our community. We owe our very existence to Joe Sones who had the foresight, work ethic, and faith in our community to bring to reality his dream for a community bank dedicated to improving the lives of his friends, neighbors, and associates by improving the banking services offered to all of our citizens. His leadership, vision, and generosity were unparalleled and his innovative thinking was even more unique.

Our motto is “It’s not the bank, it’s the banker.” We believe that it is our people who make the difference.

The Stories

Pike National Bank, from its early beginnings, collected artwork from local makers. Today the bank also functions as a public gallery, partnering with the Pike County Arts Council for special art shows.

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