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Quapaw Canoe Company: Natchez Outpost

Quapaw Canoe Company services adventurous travelers who want to experience the wild power of the Lower Mississippi River! Established in 2014 by big river guide Adam Elliott for access into the wilds of the Mississippi Loess bluffs and Northeastern Louisiana Floodplain. Educational adventures also conducted into adjacent oxbow Lakes, river chutes, back channels, and seasonally flooded landscapes.

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Once upon a time, the great majority of folks considered a canoe trip down the river’s business end, properly known as the Lower Mississippi River (from the Ohio River to the Gulf), to be an idiot’s last decision. That time is ... mostly still here, to be honest; but for those who dream of making the trek, the idea has gotten a lot closer to home—and a lot less dangerous.

Enter the Quapaw Canoe Company. Founded in Clarksdale, Mississippi, in 1998, Quapaw specializes in all-inclusive canoe tours down the Lower Mississippi River. Last April, the company officially expanded south into Natchez, and founder John Ruskey welcomed Natchez river guide Adam Elliott into the partnership with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a night of adult beverages at the iconic Under-The-Hill Saloon. At 10 am the next day—about eight hours after their celebration ended—my husband and I joined them for a two-day segment of the ongoing River Gator Lower Mississippi exploration mission. The heavily sponsored expedition will provide the meat for a forthcoming “paddler’s map” of this portion of the Mississippi River. It is Quapaw’s most ambitious project to date—largely because the river has never been mapped for paddlers before...

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Credit to: Christie Matherne Hall, Country Roads Magazine

On Tuesday, Adam Elliott and John Ruskey’s “crazy idea” of taking a canoe boat and paddling on the Mississippi River will expand to Natchez for guided tours, expeditions, bird watching, photography and wildlife-viewing adventures.

“Opening a branch here was overdue,” Elliott said. “A lot of people have been asking for it, and this is one of the best assets of our town. Natchez wouldn’t be Natchez if not for the river.”...

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Credit to: Jake Martin, Natchez Democrat

John Ruskey founded Quapaw Canoe Company in Clarksdale, MS in order to connect people to the nearby Mississippi River, a vast wilderness of backwoods, islands, and big, pulsing water. Now, thanks to Adam Elliott, there's a branch in Natchez.

Credit to: David Hanson

One day Adam Elliot had a friend drop him off in Minnesota to kayak the entire length of the Mississippi River. Now, he owns a small river guiding service, a subsect of Quapaw Canoe Company, based in Natchez, Mississippi.

“Mississippi has a lot to offer; you just have to work a little harder to find it. And that’s actually a good thing, you know. It’s not just laid out there in a clear path at your feet. You do have to get out there and drive a little bit and get lost possibly.”-Adam

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