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R U Hungry?

Their mission is a simple one: To provide weekly free healthy meals to those that are hungry with whatever means provided. 

Founded by Bilal Qizilbash, R U Hungry? feed whomever is hungry in Smith Park in Jackson every Friday beginning at 6 PM.

The Stories

It's not yet 6 p.m., and more than 20 people have formed a line under the streetlights near the southeastern corner of Smith Park. This is not their usual gathering place. Typically, the group meets under the gazebo, but tonight, a Jackson police officer says they have to clear the park because an event is taking place, but provides no details of the program.

Bilal Qizilbash (pronounced kizzle-BOSH) is annoyed and says he plans to flag down the next cruiser he sees to get some answers. For now, he and his fellow volunteers are focused on scooping mounds of yellow rice and shawarma, carving off hunks of rotisserie chicken, pouring cups of sweet tea and making sure that anyone standing within earshot who wants food has a plate...

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Credit to: R.L. Nave, Jackson Free Press

An interview with Balil Qizilbash can be found here beginning at minute thirteen.

Credit to: Now You're Talking, Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Spending more than a year studying the health benefits of kale, Mississippi College graduate student Bilal Qizilbash (Founder of R U Hungry?) will keep pressing ahead with his research.

His initial scientific findings lead him to conclude that juiced curly kale kills melanoma cancer cells in culture...

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Credit to: Andy Kanengiser, Mississippi College

They break social norms about Muslims in the community and gather people from all religions to fee the homeless in Smith Park.

Credit to: Nina Ghafferi

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