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Robin Whitfield Studio

Robin works on location in the rivers, swamps and forests of the deep south. Her process is about connectivity to the natural world. She regards her work as visual poetry and spiritual conversations in the language of color and shape. She works on paper with traditional watercolors and with pigments gathered from the wild.

Visiting Robin’s studio in Grenada, Mississippi, is an experience all to itself. You’ll feel like you’ve walked into a Natural History Museum with bird feathers, sun-bleached skulls and bones, smoothed stones, and shells adorning every nook and cranny.

The Stories

Max the Modern Machine and the Modern team, were lucky enough to be able to interview (see bellow) Robin. She showed us her studio and took us to 'her swamp' on the outskirts of Grenada, which is where she gets her inspiration from. They were both magical places!

Robin in her studio

Robin Whitfield is a formally educated visual artist whose career has increasingly brought her into conversation about the natural world. She dares to differ by exploring her own definitions of what art means, and using visual language to raise awareness about conversation, biodiversity, and the Mississippi landscape.

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