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Rolling River Bistro (and 408 Listening Room)

Located on the oldest main street in the State of Mississippi and owned by Natchezian’s Rene’ Adams, who also owns Tourology, and Michael Gore, the Rolling River Bistro located at 406 Main St. is one of the most notable restaurants in Natchez's historic downtown area. Featuring regional cuisine and live music, Rolling River Bistro is a city favorite.

The Stories

Several months ago, we began hearing news of a music venue in Natchez, MS that sparked our attention. It was gaining quite a reputation for attracting an impressive variety of the region’s best musicians. Alvin Youngblood Hart, Jimbo Mathus, Cary Hudson, Wes Lee and a good number of others were showcasing their talent at this Natchez location.

Rolling River Bistro & 408 Listening Room was most definitely on our radar, and in particular, Stephen and I were trying to schedule a trip in that direction..

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Credit to: Johnny Cole

Ben Lewis previews a new song at Rolling River Bistro.

Credit to: Ben Lewis Music

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