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Ruth Miller

"My name is Ruth Miller. In childhood, I developed a love of making art and doing needlework. Later, I combined the two and began to create embroidered art as an alternative to painting. Gradually, I leaned toward making portraits of actual individuals. This site exhibits the type of work I currently do and explains how and why I do it. I hope you enjoy it."

The Stories

Credit to: MSArtsComm

Her work is phenomenal.

Credit to: Karen Wissel

Upon seeing artist Ruth Miller’s portraits for the first time, you may be surprised: There is not one drop of paint in her work—just thousands upon thousands of hand stitches in hundreds of colors.

Guided by an extraordinary sense of color and tonal values, she embroiders tapestries with such realism, some viewers can’t believe their eyes. “They don’t believe it’s embroidered. They want to touch it,” said Miller, a member of Coast Electric Power Association...

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Credit to: Debbie Stringer

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