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Sal & Mookies

New York-themed family-friendly pizzeria with ice cream scoop shop located in the Fondren neighborhood in Jackson. Private room & deck for groups, easy take-out, & a great neighborhood bar - The PiE Lounge. There's something for everyone!

The Stories

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Second time coming here and I fell in love all over because now they offer gluten free options. I can enjoy all the great tastes while eating gluten free and not upsetting my stomach. Shout out to Troy Wells!!! He was so polite and sweet. Customer service here is on par and the food is down right delicious

Credit to: Kimberly Ketrick, Facebook Reviewer

Credit to: Michael Whities

Jeff Good is well-known in the Jackson area for co-owning several restaurantsSal & Mookies, Bravo!, and Broadstreet Bakery are all Jackson favorites. Jeff moved here during high school, so he has come to consider himself a Mississippi native.

“Twenty-three years later, we’re not on the cutting edge anymore... We’re seen as much more traditional now, and we’re someplace that’s a place of safety and comfort for many. We’re still a very successful restaurant, but we are not on the cutting edge. And that’s okay. I think that kinda comes with the maturity of your art form.”-Jeff

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