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Satya Yoga Wellness Center

Located in Downtown Natchez, MS on the corner of MLK Boulevard and Main Street, Satya Yoga Wellness Center celebrates and supports each person who enters their studio. The center provides an environment which encourages growth, vitality, and connection. Satya means truth, and Satya Yoga Wellness Center desires for their practice to be marked with sincerity, integrity, and authenticity.

The Stories

In a world where the noise and stresses of forces beyond your control can dominate the rhythms of your inner cognition, sometimes you need a place to work out those worries in a community of like-minded people.

Satya Yoga Wellness Center aims to be that place.

Natchez has had yoga studios and classes before, but when Satya Yoga Wellness Center opened in August, it had the goal of unifying the area’s yoga practitioners.

“I wanted to get all of us together and have a yoga community,” Stacy Worley said. “I wanted to have some like-minded people come together in one place where we could teach and share our practices.”...

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Credit to: Vershal Hogan, Natchez Democrat

Recently, Satya Yoga has been collaborating with Natchez Brewing Company to bring Balance and Brews to the community. Balance and Brews merges a yoga class with a beer tasting. Sounds modern to us!

Credit to: Modern Crew

A PDF copy of The 'Sip' article on owner Lee Sturdivant Carby begins on page 8 here.

Credit to: The 'Sip

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Credit to: Modern Crew

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