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Second Chance Mississippi

Second Chance MS is an awareness and fundraising program to encourage and support 500,000 Mississippi high school dropouts to get a GED and skills training. Founded by former attorney Dickie Scruggs, who previously has been called the most powerful trial attorney in the U.S., the program was motivated by Scruggs’ personal experience tutoring fellow inmates while serving six years in prison.

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Richard F. “Dickie” Scruggs, previously called the most powerful trial attorney in the U.S. for the multimillion and billion dollar awards secured in tobacco, asbestos and Hurricane Katrina lawsuits, steps up efforts this month to help high school dropouts in his home state of Mississippi earn a GED and skills training. Second Chance MS, an awareness and fundraising effort, was motivated by his personal experience tutoring fellow inmates while serving six years in prison...

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The man famously nicknamed Zeus will climb Mount Olympus this year to raise awareness about the shockingly high number of Mississippi high-school dropouts and raise funds to help the community college system educate them.

Former hotshot attorney Dickie Scruggs, having served his time for judicial bribery and barred from ever again practicing law, has made this issue his new life passion. With the blessing of all 15 community college presidents and a cadre of adult-education experts, Scruggs launched a nonprofit called SecondChanceMS...

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Listen to a three part podcast interview with Dickie Scruggs here.

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The Mississippi man that was once considered the most powerful lawyer in America is using education to give people at second chance at life.

Richard “Dickie” Scruggs talks to WJTV about a new mission on Thursday.
“I just got too big for my britches.”

Word from Dickie Scruggs after he was asked about his time behinds bars while speaking to the Kiwanis Club in Vicksburg. Scruggs was sent to prison after a bribery scheme in 2007...

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It’s a new day for Dickie Scruggs. The former – and infamous – trial lawyer is now championing education for the state’s half-a-million dropouts, a passion awoken while tutoring inmates during his six-year prison sentence. His new initiative, Second Chance Mississippi, seeks to fund and enable the community college-sponsored GED programs, and the 16,000 or so enrolled in them...

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Listen to Dickie Scruggs discuss Second Chance Mississippi with Marshall Ramsey here.

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After being indicted for committing Judicial Bribery, Dickie Scruggs spent six years in prison and altered the course of his life. While in prison, he tutored fellow inmates so that they could receive their GED, and when he was released, Scruggs created Second Chance MS so those who have spent time in prison can receive proper tutoring for the GED.

“I realized after a fairly short time that I was regaining a sense of purpose. The reward in watching a man at any age, but a forty, fifty year old guy, even a twenty-five year old guy, watching a lightbulb go on, watching them start regaining some hope to redirect their lives was extremely rewarding for me. And it became my sense of purpose.”-Dickie

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