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Six Dimensions, LLC

Six Dimensions, LLC is a public health consulting company focused on creating healthier communities across the United States. Their mission is to create holistically healthy communities through innovative, strategic and sustainable public health solutions. Six Dimensions was established to holistically and strategically respond to the health needs of communities. Essentially, there are six dimensions of health (spiritual, physical, mental/emotional, vocational and environmental). Six Dimensions, LLC utilizes these facets of health as the foundation for creating sustainably healthy communities.

The Stories

Working to create equal opportunities for health and healthier communities throughout Mississippi. Nakeitra Burse has lived her all of her life and is dedicated to changing the state.

Credit to: Nakeitra Burse

A Corinth native still cares about the health of the community.

Dr. Nakeitra L. Burse is coming home to host the Community Wellness Day on Saturday at the Boys & Girls Club.

The event, slated for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., will offer free health screenings and consultations...

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Credit to: Steve Beavers, Daily Corinthian

Credit to: Six Dimensions, LLC

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