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Smoot’s Grocery

Restored Juke Joint. Smoot's Grocery at the corner of Broadway & High Street. With Rosie's Beer Garden: Craft, Domestic and Imported Beer. LIVE Music.

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Dub Rogers is a timeless character, an explorer who would be just as much at home in ancient Rome or Victorian England as he is in modern-day Natchez, where he owns two visionary cultural establishments: Steampunk Coffee Roasters - an altar to inspiring espresso, and Smoot's Grocery - a music venue that provides a necessary haven for music from Mississippi and beyond.

"My fantasy was to go back to Natchez and find a small dilapidated building and to restore it and hang my shingle and to be the kind of shopkeeper you’d find in your travels in a little hidden away place." - Dub

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When tourists visiting Steampunk Coffee Roasters would ask owner Dub Rogers where to go for live blues music in Natchez, he often had to disappoint them. For years, the music scene in Natchez was mostly country & western and a little rock and roll, and that was hit or miss. “Every now and then there was a cover band at one of the other bars, but no place where you could go on certain nights and know there was music.”

So the coffee entrepreneur decided to expand to fill that niche. He found a place next door to Steampunk: the old Smoot’s Grocery, a small store that had operated on the bluff at the corner of High and Broadway streets for many years...

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Smoot's Grocery is a 'must visit' when in Natchez. The combination of real gut level blues, a perfectly restored old building, an awesome staff, and unique, delicious small plates provided by the Steampunk Food Truck crew make for a memorable experience! Don't miss it!

Credit to: Shannon Sandifer Boyd, Facebook Reviewer

Even though his juke joint venue will have a handsome list of craft beer and eventually liquor, Dub Rogers said opening another bar in Natchez is not his intent.

“First and foremost, this will be a place for live music,” Rogers said of Smoot’s Grocery, located at 319 N. Broadway St...

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Credit to: Sarah Cook, Natchez Democrat

Natchez has many wonderful attractions, but in recent years its live music scene has been somewhat wanting. That’s changed recently with the opening of Smoot’s Grocery, which offers live music Thursday through Saturday nights...

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