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Southern Prohibition Brewing

A craft brewery in the Heart of the South, SoPro is creating excellent craft beer for the Southeast to call its own.

Based in Hattiesburg, it has become a firm part of the downtown experience and 'Burgers' are fiercely proud of them. (rightly so)

The Stories

The tasting/tour that I went to was absolutely amazing. Wonderful, welcoming staff, volunteers, and patrons. Very inclusive vibe; it felt like having a nice beer in my own home. I highly recommend visiting the SoPro Brewery if you ever have the chance. Every beer I have sampled has been intriguing. Something for every palette!!

Credit to: Jennifer Morris, Facebook reviewer

Southern hospitality at its best..with good beers to boot!! Love their bourbon aged program, especially the Mississippi Fire Ant! But honestly, it's the staff that made our visit here so memorable. Top notch people serving top notch beers! Go say hello and throw one back for me!

Credit to: Amanda Bruns, Facebook reviewer

Just look at the beer labels!

Credit to: Andrew McMahan

Emily Curry is the Operations Manager at Southern Prohibition in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Everyone who works at the company strives to give something positive to the community, to create jobs, and to do their job to the best of their ability in a growing industry.

“What’s really exciting in being able to tell our story is we intend on being a regional brewery—our beer is sold in five states, the border states and Mississippi. And we want to go further. At the end of the day for me, being born and raised here, knowing in my heart that I’m putting something out there that’s positive.”-Emily

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