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Standard Life

The Standard Life Building, originally known as the Tower Building, was built in 1929 by New Orleans architect Claude Lindsley. After the stock market crash plunged the country into the Great Depression, the building was constructed to fulfill a demand for more office space in order to attract more businesses in the building and to the city of Jackson, MS. Upon completion, the Standard Life Building became the largest reinforced concrete building in the world and the tallest building in Jackson, MS at the time it was built. It now serves as an apartment and retail space and is a partner building to the King Edward Hotel.

The Stories

A part of Downtown growth and renovation of a spunky area. Home to many adventurous residents and a perfect view of Jackson.

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Murphey Parker is a Millsaps College graduate and works for a special events lighting company in downtown Jackson. On Wednesday afternoon, he and his roommate become the first tenants to move into the Standard Life Building on Roach Street, just a mile from his office.

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