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Starfish Cafe

The Starfish Cafe strives to make a difference one by one in lives recovering from hardships of life; to provide experiential education in life with skills preparing them for success.

"Our vision is to treat all people with respect, dignity and honesty, as each is created for a unique plan and purpose. Our commitment is to minister to, facilitate and equip each Starfish student with tools to fully and completely reach their potential."

The Stories


“Fresh and local; that’s our deal,” beams Di Fillhart, Starfish Café owner.

The Starfish Cafe supports local businesses like Honestly Beef in Collin, Mississippi, and shops locally in Bay St. Louis at Claiborne Market and Froogle’s.

“We have a standard menu, but also daily specials that reflect what’s good regionally, Fillhart said. “We also grow as much as we can: cucumber, tomato, zucchini, herbs, winter cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts...”

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Credit to: Old Town Bay St. Louis

In less than a month we will celebrate our 2nd birthday! In reviewing all the pictures of the past couple years tears leaked from my eyes and heart as gratitude flowed for the goodness and grace to make this dream a reality!!

The middle of September 2005, following Hurricane Katrina we were traveling down highway 603, past boats, cars, piles of debris, and the heartbeat of God began to define the days ahead. The new assignment for our ministry was at hand, little did we know that Bay Saint Louis, MS would become our new home! In the early days and continuing through today the mission was LOVE!

Love in action through intentional acts of kindness, long days of compassionate outreach, listening with hearts and ears, speaking encouraging words, using our hands and feet to BE love, living and breathing the same as residents from Corn Dogs with Collard Greens for dinner to Strawberry Scented Porta-Potties, we became one with this community...

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Credit to: Di Fillhart

I’ve heard many times that the food at the Starfish Cafe in Bay St. Louis is to die for. Rave reviews paired with a cause I wholeheartedly support, the top spot on TripAdvisor, and a reputation for everything that makes a locally owned restaurant special—and FINALLY, I made it over for a visit!

First of all, this place is so charming. It’s a small cottage with bright colors and coastal-themed decor, smiling faces, and inviting tables. We were greeted with an invitation to sample some of their fresh lavender lemonade. Um, yes! The lemonade was so refreshing; it reminded me of a trip to Maui, where fresh-squeezed and infused lemonade was an art. We sipped our lemonade while looking out over the front lawn, where the Starfish garden thrives. They grow much of the produce they use in the restaurant themselves. Small corn plants were lined up in rows beside planters of herbs. So charming...

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Credit to: Eat MS Coast

An inside look into the Starfish Cafe's program

Credit to: Starfish Cafe

Credit to: SunHerald

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