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Steampunk Coffee Roasters

A traditional espresso bar with strives to:
Honor Espresso Traditions
To produce exceptional coffee.
To promote coffee culture.
To promote coffee education
To uphold the highest standards of our craft.
To practice the ritual of ceremony.

The Stories

Dub Rogers is a timeless character, an explorer who would be just as much at home in ancient Rome or Victorian England as he is in modern-day Natchez, where he owns two visionary cultural establishments: Steampunk Coffee Roasters - an altar to inspiring espresso, and Smoot's Grocery - a music venue that provides a necessary haven for music from Mississippi and beyond.

"My fantasy was to go back to Natchez and find a small dilapidated building and to restore it and hang my shingle and to be the kind of shopkeeper you’d find in your travels in a little hidden away place." - Dub

Credit to: Modern Crew

When anyone tells Dub Rogers that Steampunk Coffee Roasters makes some of the best coffee in the country, it validates the leap of faith the Natchez native took to transform a historic building into an espresso bar...

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Credit to: Rod Guajardo, Natchez Democrat

There is no large chain coffee shop in Downtown Natchez and for good reason. I’m guessing it is because they’ve heard of Steampunk Coffee and thought it best not to directly compete with them. The behemoth coffee marts haven’t got anything on this charming coffee house. Steampunk is reminiscent of what coffee houses used to be and in some places still are; quaint places to sit and enjoy your morning caffeine fix and gather with friends or make new ones...

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Credit to: Devereaux Shields House

Steampunk’s baker/chef, Christopher Streetman, takes Southern food and gives it a twist. He’s extremely passionate about being able to trace your food’s story and strives to bring that to Natchez. From his PB&J Pork Hot Dog to Texas Caviar, Christopher always brings something surprising to the menu.

“We’re trying to find local places, local farmers, and local ingredients that we can harvest from here and bring them to Natchez and really get back to that Ground Zero feeling of ‘I know where this came from; this is what that is; I can put my hands on it and
taste it.’ It’s really sad whenever you think about it that we’ve gotten so removed from the process of where our food comes from.” -Christopher Streetman

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