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Stillwater Studio

Stillwater Studio, located in the historical downtown Brookhaven, exudes peace and calmness with its beautiful hardwood floors and windows that fill the room with natural light. Our mission is to provide a haven for yoga practice, a place of restoration and a break away from the fast paced lifestyle. We welcome you to come be still, breathe and become a healthier you.

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I am so proud of how Brookhaven is progressing to a more modern age and maintaining its integrity as a small Southern town at the same time. I am thrilled to be a part of it! Owning and teaching at the first Yoga studio in Brookhaven gives me an interesting perspective on this progression.

I was born and raised in Brookhaven and its future is dear to my heart.

Credit to: Betsy Belk, Owner of Stillwater Studio

Went to my first class this morning and fell in love! The atmosphere is calm and beautiful... The class was relaxing and wonderful. I will be back!

Credit to: Anne Houston Craig, Facebook Reviewer

Yoga means union or to yoke together. It seeks to unify the mind, body and spirit through physical movement and breath. Yoga is a spiritual discipline much like fasting, meditation, and prayer that cannot be owned by one specific religion. There is often a misunderstanding that yoga is a religion; it is not. While yoga predates Hinduism, Hindus were the first to give yoga a written structure. Increased strength and flexibility, improved posture and balance, treating illnesses including: anxiety, depression, blood pressure, circulatory problems and asthma are all benefits of yoga, just to name a few...

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Credit to: Stillwater Studio

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