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Studio Chane T-Shirt Lab

Studio Chane began in 1988 as a tee-shirt line and has been a mainstay in the indie lifestyle scene over the last 17 years. The Jackson-based business has three local retail stores: Swell-O-Phonic, Wilai Boutique and Studio Chane, a screen printing shop.

The Stories

If you’ve ever walked on the sidewalk in front of the Fondren Corner building, chances are you’ve seen a stocky blue heeler, Zero, standing outside the entrance to Swell-O-Phonic. And, chances are Zero is one of the reasons you decide to enter the store.

Once inside, you’re surrounded by walls full of T-shirts. Some poke fun at various Jackson neighborhoods or instill a sense of nostalgia for parts of Jackson’s past, like the Recovery Room or the Green Derby. You’ll also find multiple stacks of shoes, skateboards and a male and female boutique.

Swell-O-Phonic, Slavebird and Soma are the culmination of fifteen years of work for Jackson native Ron Chaney, better known as Chane. Chane has been a Fondren business owner for 15 years—15 longer than he expected...

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Credit to: Jesse Crow, Find It In Fondren

Ron Chane stands covered in sweat and soot in the basement of Fondren Corner, a space that housed his screen-printing business, Studio Chane, less than two weeks before. His T-shirt presses and flash dryer are now a few blocks away at 3026 N. State St., the space that formerly housed Mulberry Dreams.

"You should have seen me yesterday," Ron Chane says. "I look like I'm fit to go to prom compared to yesterday."

The move is nothing new for Chane. His screen-print shop and retail stores, Swell-O-Phonic and boutique Soma Wilai, hopscotched across the Fondren district many times over the years. This time is different, though...

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Credit to: Micah Smith, The Jackson Free Press

Credit to: Find It In Fondren

Ron Chane doesn't usually go by his first name.

"I played basketball in junior high, and they just started calling me Chane," he said.

That's how the Fondren T-shirt designer and owner of Swell-O-Phonic got the name for his "Chane" T-shirt line. One of Chane's first creative concepts, the line is celebrating its 25th anniversary tomorrow...

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Credit to: Rebecca Docter, The Jackson Free Press

Chane is changing his city by using his passion. He loves and gives more than what is known.

Credit to: Ashanti Dampier

He has so much creativity, such an awesome guy. Founder of Fondren's First Thursday. Proactive citizen of Jackson. Fostering creativity for two decades now. Pothole fixer.

Credit to: Jamie Hicks

Swell-O-Phonic is a dope spot in Jackson to buy sneakers, chill, and is in the best part of Jackson. 

Credit to: Anonymous

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