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TALL ideas, extraordinary Architecture. TALL specializes in holistic and insightful Architecture, furniture, art installations, and branding.

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Mark Talley, AIA is Owner of TALLstudio Architecture, PLLC. Alongside his wife Madison, the duo designs pragmatic and insightful buildings and atmospheres...

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Credit to: TALL Studio

When architects Mark and Madison Talley told people they were bringing their modern approach to South Mississippi, some people warned them to be careful.

Madison, a Coast native, said she and her husband thought they would end up in a large city after they graduated from Mississippi State University. But after seeing how expensive San Francisco was, they considered bringing their brand of modern design back home...

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Credit to: Justin Mitchell, The SunHerald

Mark and Madison Talley own TALL Studio Architecture in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. After working in more commercial setting, the Talleys decided to see if they could hold their own in the architecture world. Building a structure to withstand the climate and hurricane season can be challenging in terms of materials and design.

“I think has been easier to take risks here too because there is this younger community that’s coming in and kind of banding together. So it’s not so scary because you have other people you see that are doing it as well. We have a lot of young friends that are starting businesses, so we’re able to bounce ideas off each other.”-Madison

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