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Apothecary, The

A modern twist on a speak easy bar from the prohibition era. Hidden at the back of Brent's Drugs Store in Fondren.

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Old-fashioned speakeasy jazzes up Fondren nightlife. Something is brewing in the back of the landmark Brent’s Drugs eatery that has the whole Fondren Arts District buzzing with a clandestine excitement not seen since the Roaring Twenties.

It is 8:30 on a warm July weeknight and the parking lot of the Woodland Hills Shopping District in Jackson is dark and mostly empty except for a few late shoppers at McDade’s Grocery.

The historic Brent’s Drugs cafe is also dark on the inside as are its neighboring merchants. To the naked eye the eatery appears closed for the day. Looks are deceiving...

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Credit to: Mississippi Business Journal

Credit to: LaRecca Rucker

There’s no sign, no grand fanfare to show for it, not even a social media campaign. But quietly and smoothly so, The Apothecary at Brent’s Drugs opened over the weekend. The thousand square foot “speakeasy” lounge is the brainchild of the 1946 soda fountain’s owner, attorney Brad Reeves and designer Jonathan Shull.

Apothecary centers around the idea of the pre-Prohibition craft cocktail movement with an added twist: the place is also a nod to the days of old, when soda fountains were the remedy for a hard pill to swallow...

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Credit to: Find It In Fondren

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