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Attic Gallery, The

The Attic Gallery is the oldest independent art gallery in the state of Mississippi. It features Southern folk art, contemporary fine art, handmade pottery, glass, jewelry, and many “blues” related items with funk mixed in.

The Stories

I think the Attic Gallery is a Mississippi treasure. Lesley represents artists of all types and presents their work in a "dare to differ" format of more is more. When you walk up the steps to the gallery you are immediately transported to another world that hits you in the face with the diversity of Mississippi and her artists. It is a world that truly represents our state as it really is....There the art coexists whether the artist is gay or straight, black or white, young or old. Sometimes it gets crowded, displays fall over, and catastrophes happen. And sometimes you see work that is not to your particular taste, but you just walk a few steps and encounter something that you know you need to have in your life. It is not perfectly ordered and easy to understand. But it is real. And consistently so. Lesley dares to differ on a daily basis.

Credit to: Lorrie Drennan

Credit to: Lisa Silver

I’m not a folk artist, but working at the Attic Gallery in Vicksburg I’ve met many creative folk whose art is both a delight and an inspiration for the rest of us who may want to emulate them. Be forewarned, however: the search for found objects and their transformation can become an incurable sickness that consumes the artists’ time, imaginations, and lives...

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Credit to: Lucile Bayon Hume

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