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Grenada (the city)

Nominated as a Modern Mississippi site, Grenada, 'the city that smiles', most definitely lives up to it's slogan, as it has much to smile about.

Grenada takes its name from a Native American word that means marriage. The marriage its community identifies with these days is the harmony between live, work and play.

Max the Modern Machine visited and met some of the smiling residents who told us the Modern stories of their city. From its sensitively renovated, elegant town center to the video gaming & film production in its back streets, Grenada harmoniously dares to differ.

Thank you all for your inspiring stories and a special thank you to Deborah Bailey (First and Green owner) and sisters Katrina and Isabella Kinder (Grenada Afterglow Film Festival founders) for hosting us and connecting us with so many great folks!

We look forward to our next visit!

These are the stories we experienced while visiting this community. To find more stories about places and people from the area, explore the map.

The Stories

Katrina and Isabella Kinder have made it their mission to find and share the hidden gems of their Grenada, Mississippi home. Their Grenada Afterglow Film Festival creates a platform to celebrate art in all its forms and expose their audiences to new and different ideas. They are part of a diverse group of citizens intent on revitalizing their hometown.

Robin Whitfield is a formally educated visual artist whose career has increasingly brought her into conversation about the natural world. She dares to differ by exploring her own definitions of what art means, and using visual language to raise awareness about conversation, biodiversity, and the Mississippi landscape.

Marcus Smith is a cowboy, musician, photographer and mentor in Grenada, Mississippi. A father, the founder of the Cool Kids Movement, He dares to differ by owning his identity as a black cowboy and utilizing his position to influence and educate the next generation.

Lee Taylor, owner of M&M Kustoms, calls his shop the ultimate toy box. He considers the shop both an active and functional work space as well as an artist studio. Taylor, who was formally trained in visual art, departed from the academic art making path to find a career that satisfied his aesthetic sensibilities, his need for freedom and motion, and his love for adrenaline and speed.

Raley Hilmus is a tournament organizer for video gamer tournaments in Grenada, Mississippi. He is part of a burgeoning group of local gamers who are building community there.

Grenada, Mississippi's historic downtown square is undergoing an exciting evolution. If you ask Deborah Bailey - New York transplant turned Southern real estate developer - she'll resist the urge to tell you it's about bringing the place back to it's former glory. Instead, it's a plan to diversify the downtown not with traditional retail but by leveraging cultural, creative, a community-focused businesses and venues.

Greg Slotsky is the owner of Star 92 radio is Grenada, Mississippi, and his main goal is to help businesses grow. However, Greg doesn’t focus solely on his station, but he goes into the community to interact with the citizens, finding others who are daring to differ.

“Our whole job, the reason why we’re there, is to help businesses grow… When you’re doing local radio, you can do things like take the whole football team out for supper after the year… And then we get them on the radio, and every single player gets to talk about their most memorable game, who their family is… I feel like I’ve discovered one heck of a secret from living up in Iowa to now here.”-Greg

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