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Greenhouse on Porter, The

The Greenhouse on Porter brings people together by way of impeccable coffee and snacks, and keep the engagement going by offering gatherings, markets, art, and information. At first glance, it seems like a normal coffee shop, but then you notice bits of information about the local products used and the furniture built by a local job training program. Your first cup of coffee is free on Mondays. Every other Friday night, the Opp Shop (short for Opportunity Shop) will be buzzing with vendors made up of local farmers, artists and makers coming to get their products out there. Throughout the week there will be art shows, figure drawing classes, movie screenings, lectures by interesting people, exercise classes, local cheese, wine and beer tastings, and potluck parties with performances by local and visiting talent. The Greenhouse on Porter will showcase what is amazing about our community, while introducing the new.

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The Greenhouse is different because they took a chance on an old greenhouse, fixed it up, and made it into a coffee shop, which now serves beer, coffee, and biscuits. Also featured is: Art, Music, Poetry, Game nights, Bonfires, and more. A great place to visit with friends to hear good music, and even children love it!

Credit to: Susan Carranza

Everyone is welcome at The Greenhouse on Porter in Ocean Springs, and owners Jessie Zenor and Kait Sukiennik want people to know where else they are welcome.

"We are selling stickers that say 'Everyone' on them," Zenor said. "They are little stickers than can be placed on the doors of businesses or in the windows to let people know that everyone is welcome in their places of business or they can be placed on cars if individuals want to show their support."

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Credit to: Jeff Clark, The Sunherald

This is my absolute favorite coffee shop, ever. The people here are amazing, the regulars and the workers alike. The food is delicious, the coffee is the best I've ever had, and the t-shirts are crazy soft! You can't go wrong spending your days at the Greenhouse. You will meet great people from the community and they'll help you become a part of Ocean Springs! I love supporting these local ladies who started this place. You will not regret stopping by here!

Credit to: Danielle Power, Facebook Review

Jessie Zener is the co-owner of The Greenhouse on Porter, a local biscuits, coffee, and beer shop in Ocean Springs. Although the Greenhouse fell into their laps, Jessie and Kate, her co-owner, have created a space that is community oriented.

“We set out from the beginning to have an active role in the community, and not just be about biscuits, and not just be about us. But to have an active role in bringing people together and giving a place for people to springboard their ideas and start their businesses.”-Jessie

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