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Inn on Whitworth, The

The Inn is a small modern boutique 14 room hotel within Historic Downtown Brookhaven that features original artwork within a unique setting

The Stories

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Credit to: Betsy Hood

I needed a nice, quick, peaceful getaway for New Year's Eve. I must pat myself on the back! The decision to try The Inn on Whitworth made my trip worth it! Sallie welcomed and greeted me with a warm and friendly smile and a sweet treat! She gave a sweet treat!! What a way to start the new year! The Inn is located within a town's square. From the outside you'd have no idea that the inside offers what it does!! Pleasantly surprised! The Inn on Whitworth is modernized and elegantly decorated. I would choose here over a hotel at any visit to the area! A continental breakfast is offered and there are local shops and restaurants within walking distance.

Credit to: Daisii D., Yelp Reviewer

My family stayed here when we came to Brookhaven for my grandfather's funeral. Sally was wonderful and unbelievably accommodating to us. The rooms are beautiful and modern. I loved having a keurig in the room! The common area was a welcomed surprise. We got to all hang around the kitchen area, eat, drink and fellowship. The Breakfast spread was DELICIOUS!! I would recommend the Inn on Whitworth over and over again!

Credit to: Kelly Nicole Dorsey, Facebook Reviewer

My family and I have been coming down to Brookhaven since the 1960s to visit family who live a few miles away. Many moons ago we were all excited when Brookhaven got its first restaurant--a McDonald's. grin) My how times have changed with the arrival of The Inn on Whitworth! Stepping into the Inn, with its marvelous architecture, art and design, you think you are in NYC's Soho. Then, you are welcomed by Sallie, the most warm, gracious and down-to-earth innkeeper, and you feel immediately at home. My sisters, a brother-in-law and I stayed for three nights just a couple weeks ago in rooms 3 and 6. Both were clean and well-appointed and each room even a little sitting area with a couch, coffee table and desk. Free and excellent WiFi! When we were not visiting with them, family members dropped by to sit in the lobby and visit with us and everyone felt extremely comfortable and relaxed. Did I mention breakfast? All sorts of fresh fruit, strong coffee, wide selection of teas, cereal (organic, gluten-free plus a nice selection of "standards"), pastries, breads, yogurt, juices, etc. All delicious. If you wanted something with an egg or breakfast meat, you could pop just next door to Janie's Pastry Shop, order your breakfast sandwich and charge it to the Inn. At night, you could sit in the lobby/kitchen/breakfast area and enjoy a slice of whatever type of cake was available. The other guests we met during our stay--from all over the country--were lovely to speak with. I can't recommend the Inn on Whitworth and the wonderful Sallie highly enough.

Credit to: Leslie F., Yelp Reviewer

John Lynch feels an inexplicable desire to repurpose spaces in Downtown Brookhaven. He calls it a “disease” or a “passion.” From this desire, the Inn on Whitworth, a Bed and Breakfast in Brookhaven, was born. Kim Sessums, a doctor/artist, was commissioned to decorate the space, and together, they have created a space where people like to be. For the past five years, people from around the world have enjoyed the Inn on Whitworth!

“Once we got the place done and people began to come in and visit, what we found out was—and I tell Johnny this all the time—if you make the space good, people may not know why they like to be in it, but they like to be in it. And that’s what happens here. People come in, probably different from anything they had known before… And they liked the art.”-Kim

“We get international travelers doing the Blue’s Trail, they’re going to New Orleans for various reasons. And so they come in and go ‘I cannot believe that this is in Brookhaven. This is just so different.’”-John

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