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Shack Up Inn, The

"The Ritz, we ain't" is the motto of The Shack Up Inn. Located in Clarksdale, Mississippi, the inn is a conglomerate of rooms in an old cotton gin and sharecropper shacks.

The Stories

Today, guests of the Shack Up Inn can spend the night in one of those authentic sharecropper’s shacks, much like the one Robert Johnson died in, after being poisoned at the age of 27. Owners Bill Talbot and Guy Malvezzi didn’t have to make any Faustian bargains to run what may be the coolest hotel in America — all they needed was the karmic good grace that comes to entrepreneurs yearning to Wang Dang Doodle all night long.

“We started this place because we wanted a spot to drink beer, listen to the blues, and play music whenever we wanted,” says Talbot, “You certainly can’t accuse of us of thinking this through any step along the way.”...

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As a Blues fan, I can't believe I took this long to get down to the Mississippi Delta. The Shack Up Inn is a perfect place to stay. Close to lots of history, and a bit of history in and of itself. The ambiance just overwhelms you and everyone is so friendly down South. We rented Bill's house. It's the perfect place for a few friends to shack up together and bring in some other visitors for a good ole fashioned house party.

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After a spell we stopped off for a cheap bite at a fast food joint, and then it was my turn to take the wheel. I love driving, especially when the road is open and the speed is fast. We moved northward, surrounded by bayou and blue skies, up through Louisiana and the edge of Arkansas before crossing into Mississippi. The desolate terrain became the dominant attraction as we neared our destination. It was getting dark as we arrived in Clarksdale, Mississippi, a dusty town steeped in rich musical history. It was just about 8pm, with just enough time to get the key to our shack.

That’s right: shack...

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