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Tatonut Donut Shop, The

Home of "the only real donut" and gourmet coffee. They feature donuts made fresh daily and all your favorite coffee and espresso drinks, hot and iced.

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The Tato-Nut Donut Shop located on Government Street in downtown Ocean Springs and there is usually a line out the door on most mornings. Owned and operated by the Mohler family since 1960, the Tato-Nut Donut Shop offers fresh, homemade donuts and pastries along with gourmet coffee and specialty coffee drinks. This is not just an average donut. What"s so unusual about is the donuts are made with potato flour. The Mohlers came up with the recipe along with the special homemade chocolate frosting that glazes the tops of many a donut. Some people recommend the "Persian," a glazed donut infused with cinnamon and others prefer a full-throttle sugar and dough experience with glazed Devil"s Food Cake do or the Chocolate Frosted Bavarian Cream filled doughnuts. Make sure you get there early so the "SOLD OUT" sign on the door doesn"t greet you instead.

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At 10 the following morning, after leaving the podium, I drove out US-90 to New Orleans via Ocean Springs and stopped for doughnuts. Tato-Nut is a small, square building on Ocean Springs’ main street, tucked between an outdoor equipment shop and the evocatively named Palmetto Place. Its owners, David and Teresa Mohler, produce the finest doughnuts in the world...

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Tatonut has been in business for years and is a clear local favorite.The fav doughnut here is the glazed and somewhere between 200-400 dozen per day are sold...

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I've eaten Tatonut since I was a little kid. I now live on my own, attending college 4 hours away. Every trip home requires a stop at Tatonut. The best people and they embrace that feeling of home for me. I especially appreciate when they go to the back just to get a chocolate twist that's still warm when I ask if they have any more. They also raise money for various charities or local events. Knowing as much as this family has been through, there's no doubt in my mind that I believe I'm supporting the best business in Ocean Springs. There's no other donut like a Tatonut donut. I've tried a lot of them, too. Tatonut has been on my kitchen counter, in the family for years. I hope I'll get to share that with my family one day.

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