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Vibe Doctors, The

Fusing a variety of styles, the Jazz Doctors deliver familiar melodies in nontraditional ways, featuring an instrument which is still relatively unfamiliar to many audiences: The Vibraphone.

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Credit to: JacksonMSMusic

The Vibe Doctors want to change your perception of jazz trios.

“Jazz is hard sell; you’re usually background noise,” said vibraphone player Jason Mathena. “We don’t want to be a band that people just sit there and listen to us. We want people up, dancing around, screaming and having a good time.”

The band derives its name because all of its members, which also include Lucas Pettey on bass and Owen Rockwell on drums, have doctorates. Mathena and Rockwell met while in the doctoral music program at the University of Souther Mississippi, while Pettey has a doctoral degree in chemical engineering and a minor in music...

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Credit to: Jacob Threadgill, The Clarion-Ledger

Owen Rockwell was 6 years old when he started playing drums. Lucas Pettey volunteered to learn the bass for his middle-school band. Jason Mathena studied mallet percussion throughout his college career. Then, in 2013, after years of playing with other groups, the three instrumentalists came together to form one of Jackson's most indescribable bands, experimental jazz group The Vibe Doctors...

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Credit to: Danie Matthews, Jackson Free Press

Credit to: JacksonMSMusic

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