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From the business:
THE WONDER LAB is a home for JXN based artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, dreamers and doers. This concept was born to bring creatives, dreamers and doers out of the home and provide them with an intentional co-working community that challenges them daily. The infectious synergy from this atmosphere of like-minded individuals provides an opportunity to pursue creative ventures, thus enhancing Fondren’s/JXN’s/Mississippi’s creative economy. THE WONDER LAB is located at 2906 North State Street sublevel 88 in the vibrant Fondren District of JXN/MS. This fertile workspace location is the recent former home of Studio Chane T’shirt Lab – the parent company of THE WONDER LAB. This 1900+ square foot co-working space is divided into 7 workspace pods secured by movable walls that allow for artistic growth. TWL offers a micro gallery space as well as a monthly open house during the Fondren’s First Thursday (a Studio Chane presented event).

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Photo by Imani Khayyam.

Ron Chane stands covered in sweat and soot in the basement of Fondren Corner, a space that housed his screen-printing business, Studio Chane, less than two weeks before. His T-shirt presses and flash dryer are now a few blocks away at 3026 N. State St., the space that formerly housed Mulberry Dreams.

"You should have seen me yesterday," Ron Chane says. "I look like I'm fit to go to prom compared to yesterday."

The move is nothing new for Chane. His screen-print shop and retail stores, Swell-O-Phonic and boutique Soma Wilai, hopscotched across the Fondren district many times over the years. This time is different, though.


After nearly $9,000 out of pocket in renovation, Chane is today unveiling The Wonder Lab, a collection of studio spaces that he hopes will be a springboard for Jackson creatives, whether they're experienced artists or newcomers making the leap from garage to gallery.

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Credit to: Micah Smith, Jackson Free Press

Credit to: Find It In Fondren

Rain splatters against the glass in photographer Anne Bryant's studio on a crisp Thursday morning. As she flips through a portfolio filled with images of her travels abroad, she's calm and refined, with wandering eyes that seem to find the perfect shot in everything she sees. Her studio, clean and cream-colored, which complements the exposed wood and painted concrete floors of The Wonder Lab, resides underneath Fondren Corner in a space created just for artists like her. As she reflects upon images of Singapore, Vietnam and Egypt, classical music plays throughout her small space, and for a moment, she seems to slip back in time.

The Wonder Lab (2906 N. State St.), which is the brainchild of local artist and business owner Ron Chane, first debuted in October 2015. Bryant was his first tenant, occupying the coveted window spot right on the corner of the building, where dozens walk by hourly. A comfy, white sofa invites people in, where she takes portraits of people and even babies or pets...

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Credit to: Maya Miller, Boom Jackson

Innovation; Inspiring; Inspiration.

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