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University of Mississippi Medical Center

The University of Mississippi Medical Center has three missions: education, research and patient care. UMMC includes five hospitals and University Physicians (the faculty physicians’ practice plan). We are dedicated to improving lives through quality healthcare, cutting-edge research and education of tomorrow’s healthcare leaders.

The Stories

UMMC is daring to differ for their advances in teleheath/remote medicine.

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A team of HIV experts from Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, the University of Mississippi Medical Center and the University of Massachusetts Medical School describe the first case of a so-called “functional cure” in an HIV-infected infant. The finding, the investigators say, may help pave the way to eliminating HIV infection in children...

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UMMC is the only hospital in Mississippi that has tried to organize care for sickle-cell patients by creating a specialized treatment clinic. Sickle cell patients also are seen on a regular basis at emergency rooms at other metro-area and Mississippi hospitals, where wait times vary, depending on how busy staff is in treating those with life-threatening disease or injuries. Although sickle cell patients can experience significant pain, it's usually not considered life-threatening...

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Paul May and Susan Warren are teaching future medical doctors cutting edge science.

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