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Vixen’s Corner

Vixen’s Corner was started by Jarita F. King in Natchez, Mississippi in 2012. Jarita is daring to differ by empowering women and boosting their confidence through conversations on sexual and nutritional health.

The Stories

Vixen's Corner is a place where Alter Egos are welcomed because we not only motivate women by boosting self confidence, but we also assist couples by building healthier relationships with increased intimacy and trust. Vixen's Corner serves as a platform for women to discuss health issues such as the importance of being physically active, eating properly, and being closely connected with their bodies. Most women who feel good about themselves are less likely to suffer from depression and have healthier intimate relationships with their spouses. I believe the work I do in the community as a Community Nutrition and Health Educator at Alcorn State University and at Vixen's Corner is helping women in Mississippi to have healthier minds, bodies, and souls in a unconventional way.

Pictured: Henry McKnight, Jarita F. King, and Jeremy Houston

Credit to: Jarita F. King

Jarita Frazier-King is certified in the medical field and advocates for health and wellness in Natchez, Mississippi. While she works a more conventional job as a nurse, Jarita also owns Vixen’s Corner, an adult shop, which she uses to promote body positivity and confidence in women.

“I’m a dreamer, you know. I think that if you have dreams, then you should be to have those things come true right here in Natchez, Mississippi. There’s no reason as to why we can’t have our dreams come true right here.”-Jarita

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